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Kuche v chekmedzhe

Product: #5136
Published by:
Categories: Detski filmi
Year: 1982
Color: color
Duration: 86 min
Auditory: A - all ages
Language: Bylgarski

Price DVD: 10.00 lv.
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Malkiat Mitko Mitashki po cial den stoi sam vkyshti. Roditelite mu sa razvedeni. Toj zhivee pri majkata, a tia e na rabota. Ostava samo televiziata, koiato izlychva emisii za gibelnite posledii ot iadrenata vojna, za manevri s bojni samoleti i tankove. Mezhdu dve takiva predavania edno dete, zaspalo na poda, synuva svoiata edinstvena mechta roshavoto si kuche. Tova e vsichko koeto to obicha i iska da pritezhava. Zaedno s dvama negovi priateli si kupuvat kuche Roshko za dva leva i osemdeset stotinki i shest tramvajni bileta. I ponezhe e obshto pritezhanie kucheto pored kvartiruva vyv vsiako edno ot decata. I ottuk natatyk zapochvat i belite, i bedite za Roshko, Mitko, Andro i Stefan. V sivite studeni sgradi niama miasto, dori samo edno chekmedzhe, za Roshko.

The DVD version of this film has been released in a limited circulation, on a DVD-R in PAL format and has been Region 2 encoded.
Although most DVD players outside Europe cannot play the DVD, it can be watched without a problem on all PCs with a DVD player.
STEFAN ILIEV - bashtata na Mitashki
PAVEL POPANDOV - kradecyt na kucheto
Director: Dimityr Petkov
Scenario: Rada Moskova
Camera: Atanas Tasev
Music: Boris Karadimchev
Sceneartist: Jordanka Pejcheva
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